Bird's Nest

Krem na dzień i na noc Perfecta Bird's Nest 30+

Day & Night Cream 30+

Intensive smoothing, brightening

A cream dedicated to skin which needs better moisturising, on which first wrinkles are starting to appear. Perfect as a make-up base.


exceptionally rich in sialic acid and in amino acids. Sialic acid provides a deep and lasting moisturising effect to the skin and counteracts its dehydration. Amino acids nourish and instantly improve the appearance of the skin, leaving it looking radiant and rested.


wonderfully moisturises the skin, has nourishing properties, brightens the skin, and improves its tone.


intensively moisturises and smooths, has a nourishing and softening effect on the skin, and improves the function of the epidermal lipid barrier.

50 ml
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day & night cream
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Bird's Nest



PERFECTA BIRD’S NEST is an innovative line based on the outstanding properties of saliva extract from swallow’s nests. Rich in sialic acid and amino acids, the extract guarantees a deep and lasting moisturising, brightening, and lifting effect. It wonderfully nourishes the skin and promptly improves its appearance, making it look radiant and well-rested.

The amazing properties of the Salangana swallow saliva: according to Chinese tradition, it has anti-ageing properties, improves digestion and the quality of voice, soothes symptoms of asthma, increases libido, and strengthens the immune system. Swallow saliva is rich in amino acids, hormones, carbohydrates, and a number of lipids. Research shows that it also contains substances which stimulate cell growth and division.

The PERFECTA BIRD’S NEST line comprises eight innovative cosmetics – face creams for four age groups: 30+, 50+, 60+, 70+; a day& night serum; an under-eye, eyelid, and mouth area cream 50+/60+; and two complementary masks: Asian sheet mask and Asian cream mask.

PERFECTA BIRD’S NEST offers comprehensive care for skin which needs rebuilding and nourishment.

{The extract of swallow saliva is obtained from breeding nests, which are held together by the bird’s saliva. Pieces of nests are collected after the birds have left them, so obtaining the saliva causes no stress for the animals, and the swallows do not come into direct contact with human beings. We only use what the bird no more needs and has abandoned, but what is valuable for us and can be used both in cosmetology and culinary arts.}

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