Body Scrub YUZU LIME

Smoothing, firming

An intensively smoothing scrub with a firming formula. It restores a sensation of freshness to the skin and leaves it flawlessly smooth and soft to the touch. It firms and improves skin elasticity. The velvety lather which envelops the skin and the massage which accompanies application additionally relax and improve microcirculation.


extract of the popular citrus from Asia which is particularly rich in ceramides. It moisturises and regenerates the skin, smooths unevenness on its surface, and strengthens its barrier and protective functions.


known for its cleansing properties and the ability to speed up skin regeneration.


natural exfoliating particles remove dead epidermal cells and powerfully smooth the skin.

200 g
Skin type
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Perfecta Exfoliants & Masks is a line of state-of-the-art face care products based on original, innovative formulas which nurture and condition the skin. Glicerine-oil exfoliants and clay exfoliant masks were created to satisfy different skin needs to make sure that every woman can find the cosmetic that suits her perfectly. Cosmetics from this line clearly improve the condition of the epidermis, which becomes smooth, cleansed of impurities, and free of imperfections. They unblock and visibly shrink pores.