Jeannette Kalyta

Jeannette Kalyta, one of the best-known midwives in Poland, is the ambassador of Perfecta MAMA and Perfecta FEMINA MED.

'As a midwife with over thirty years of experience, the things I value most is safety, high quality, and full comfort in all that I can give to other women. A happy mother, who tends for her body, gives birth to a happy child. I use Perfecta cosmetics myself. Deep trust is built over years. Perfecta MAMA cosmetics are highly rated by my patients. It is nice to be able to identify with a product that has never let you down, which gives you the promised effects, and brings a smile to future Mums', admits Jeannette Kalyta.

A mentor with over thirty years of experience. The author of Midwife. 3,550 Miracles of Birth. She works in the Medicover Hospital, where she is a team leader. She owns a training company AKADEMIA Jeannette Kalyta, a medical PR agency Excellentsolutions, and the best Birth School in Poland. She took part in several dozen medical conferences, giving lectures and inspiring the spreading of best practices in obstetrics. Rising the status of the midwife's profession is always high on her priority list. Talent, coupled with outstanding diligence, permitted her to become an unquestioned authority in her field. Her mission is to guarantee a feeling of safety for women during childbirth and to make sure newborn children are treated with respect.

'We highly value our collaboration with Ms Jeannette Kalyta. Her professionalism, image, experience, and the trust women put in her, all this conforms perfectly with our products from the Perfecta MAMA and Perfecta FEMINA MED lines. Our highly effective products, so much loved by our customers, gain yet another advantage in female eyes', adds Dorota Dobrzycka, Head of Marketing at DAX Cosmetics.