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Clay Cleansing Mask

4x clays, pore reduction, moisturising

An exceptionally effective clay mask which restores balance to the skin through the combined actin of four natural clays: white (responsible for absorbing sebum and shrinking pores), thermal (moisturises, mineralises, and soothes irritated skin), bentonite (absorbs impurities from the epidermis), and green (its task is to nourish the skin and regulate the function of sebaceous glands). Owing to its unique PORE MINIMISER formula, the mask reduces sebum secretion, leaving the skin flawlessly matt, with clearly shrunk pores, refreshed, and perfectly moisturised. D-panthenol soothes all irritations.


restores proper balance to the skin, refreshes and calms the complexion.
White clay – rich in trace elements, absorbs excess sebum and shrinks pores.
Thermal clay – moisturises and mineralises the skin, at the same time soothing irritations.
Bentonite clay – wonderfully absorbs impurities.
Green clay – regulates the function of sebaceous glands and nourishes the skin.


reduces excessive sebum secretion, mattifies the skin, and shrinks pores, at the same time leaving the complexion refreshed and moisturised.


soothes, intensively moisturises, and alleviates irritations.

8 ml
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