Express Slim

ACTIVE 95% Anti-Cellulite Slimming & Modelling Booster

Speeds up slimming, firms, eliminates cellulite

An advanced body booster which speeds up slimming processes. Used after a workout, it enhances its effects and, owing to the CAFFEINE COMPLEX, models the body. SLIM-DETOX COMPLEX, known also for its detoxifying and cleansing properties, additionally slims the body.
This multifunctional cosmetic, rich in hyaluronic acid, also makes sure your skin is properly moisturised, while the alga deno-concentrate helps eliminate unevenness by reducing aqueous cellulite. The innovative emulsion in a spray is a pleasure to use. It is quickly absorbed and employs the ‘Fly and Stay’ technology, which ensures that the product does not flow down the skin during application.

200 ml
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Express Slim

Visiting the gym seems much easier and more pleasant if we can enlist support, no matter if from a personal trainer or a best friend. Aware of the actual needs of modern women, Perfecta has created Express Slim, a cosmetic line which offers all the support our body needs.

The line comprises six innovative cosmetics, created for women who want to enhance the appearance of their body. For ease of choice, Perfecta Express Slim products were divided into three categories, each identified by a simple symbol.

ACTIVE 95% SLIM-ACTIVE COMPLEX cosmetics, marked as , are dedicated to active women. They are to be used after a workout, to enhance its results;TURBO 95% MICRO SLIM COMPLEX products, marked as , are distinguished by their prompt and intensive effects;

 SLIM DETOX preparations, created basing on natural plant extracts were marked as .


No matter if you spend long hours at the gym or if you want to firm your skin without leaving your house, Perfecta Express Slim will prepare your body for the upcoming summer season, turning you into a true achiever. And it goes without saying – a beautiful woman is a confident one!