Multi-Collagen Retinol

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Powerful wrinkle reduction, express skin lift

The formula, rich in proCOLLAGEN4 stimulates the synthesis of four key types of collagen in the skin: I, IV, VII and XVII, while retinol, with its anti-wrinkle and antioxidant properties, protects the skin against free radicals, enhances the synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid, intensively moisturises, regenerates, and smooths. A unique peptide and oligosaccharide complex (MULTILIFT FORTE) firms the skin and guarantees an instant, long-term lifting effect which improves and rejuvenates the oval of the face.


COLLAGEN x 2 double collagen power!
An innovative complex of proCollagen4 and sea collagen acts on four levels to ensure intensive skin regeneration: smooths the skin; reduces the length, width, and depth of wrinkles; intensively moisturises; firms and lifts.


RETINOL x 2 double retinol power!
Retinol fortified with phyto-retinol which intensifies the anti-wrinkle effect, significantly speeding up collagen synthesis in the skin. It stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid to thoroughly moisturise, regenerate, and smooth the skin, and to protect it against free radicals.


a unique peptide and oligosaccharide complex which firms the skin and produces an instant and long-term lifting effect to improve and rejuvenate the oval of the face.

Multi Kolagen Retinol

15 ml
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Multi-Collagen Retinol

Perfecta Multi-Collagen Retinol stemmed from a wish to offer the ultimate care for skin which needs help in fighting wrinkles.


The line comprises cosmetics formulated with two leading active ingredients: Retinol and proCollagen4. Their synergic action stimulates key processes responsible for a youthful appearance.


The skin becomes moisturised and radiant, regains tension and firmness, and wrinkles are smoothed out.