Two-Phase Eye Make-up Remover ALGAE & SEA MINERALS

Removes waterproof make-up, cares for lashes

A two-phase make-up remover which effectively and gently removes even waterproof make-up and conditions the lashes. Does not irritate the eyes or cause tearing.


prevent the epidermis from overreacting to external factors, help maintain optimum moisture levels, and protect the skin against drying out. They also mitigate irritated skin and soothe discomfort.


enclosed in liposomes, subtly brightens and adds energy to the skin and counteracts the harmful activity of free radicals.


intelligent particles which act like magnets, binding dirt and impurities, and gently cleanse the skin without the need to rub it hard.

200 ml
Skin type
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A cosmetic line created to effectively cleanse the face of impurities and make-up:

– cleansing combined with skin care and based on natural plant extracts;
– new formulas which match different skin needs;
– products which do not cause irritation and do not sting the eyes;
– products which remove impurities without the need to rub the skin;
– a wealth of natural ingredients: algae, sea minerals, kale, goji berries, barley grass, vitamins;
– skin conditioning properties.