Botulux Ceramides

Krem na dzień i na noc Perfecta Botolux 60 plus

Day & Night Cream 60+

Powerful skin lift, wrinkle reduction, regeneration

A velvety cream of a particularly nourishing formula. Recommended for skin in need of powerful wrinkle smoothing and intensive regeneration. It restores the sensation of comfort and deep moisturising to the skin. Perfect as a make-up base, increases make-up durability.


a biologically active complex which combines a peptide discovered in royal jelly with relaxing amino acids. It reduces the tension of facial expression lines, smoothing wrinkles and slowing down skin ageing. It also actively regenerates and nourishes the skin, and evens out its tone.


MANUKA HONEY from New Zealand
known for its outstanding nourishing properties, supports skin regeneration, intensively moisturises, and soothes irritations, improving the complexion and rejuvenating the skin.


thoroughly moisturise the skin, rebuild its lipid barrier, and strengthen its protective functions.


protect collagen and elastin against degradation, provide a regenerative and anti-wrinkle effect, prevent sagging skin and photoageing.

50 ml
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day & night cream
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Botulux Ceramides

An innovative line of anti-wrinkle cosmetics which combines the beneficial properties of a bee peptide, ceramides, and Manuka honey. The synergic action of these ingredients relaxes expression areas of the face, deeply nourishes the skin, and stimulates its regeneration. Wrinkles become smoothed out and the skin looks more radiant and rejuvenated.

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