Ceramide Lift

Day & Night Cream 80+

Powerful wrinkle reduction, regeneration

The cream is perfect as a make-up base and increases make-up durability.


an innovative blend of a ceramide and nectar from a thousand flowers. It wonderfully smooths and moisturises the skin, blocks transepidermal water loss, boosts skin firmness, and protects the skin against the negative influence of external factors.


provides an instant lifting and smoothing effect and fills in wrinkles, reducing their length, width, and depth.


speeds up biological renewal, slowing ageing processes in the skin.

50 ml
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day & night cream
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Ceramide Lift

A powerful anti-wrinkle line formulated with Ceramide 1000, responsible for firming the skin and maintaining optimum levels of moisture, and Sugarlift, which has exceptional lifting properties and which activates the synthesis of collagen in the skin.

Ceramide Lift cosmetics provide an instant smoothing and firming effect.

Day by day, they reduce the length and depth of existing wrinkles and slow down ageing processes in the skin.