Day & night cream 40+ GREEN BARLEY & KALE

Intensive skin lift, nourishment

Day & night cream 40+ GREEN BARLEY & KALE

Intensive skin lift, nourishment

Applying face cream is part of a daily ritual which will make your face smooth, your skin elastic, and your eyes – full of energy. Many women over 40 opt for a lifting cream, i.e. a product which provides the optimum amount of nourishing ingredients and visibly smooths the skin, slowing down natural ageing processes. Perfecta has created an exceptional day & night cream for 40+ skin, rich in ingredients which guarantee a spectacular smoothing effect. 

Day & night cream

The day & night 40+ cream with green barley & kale deeply nourishes the skin and provides an intensive lifting effect. As any user will instantly notice, the cream boasts a unique, velvety consistency which is owed to its exceptionally nourishing formula. It is particularly recommended for daily care of skin in need of a lift and wrinkle smoothing. The cream restores a feeling of comfort, powerfully moisturises, and smooths. It was created with a view to all-year round, daily care of all types of mature skin. It is perfect as a make-up base and increases make-up durability, so colour cosmetics can be applied immediately after the cream is absorbed.

Ingredients of the lifting cream

Perfecta znana jest z tego, że w produkcji kosmetyków wykorzystuje naturalne działanie znanych od wieków cennych, roślinnych składników. Czasami zaskakuje połączeniami, które bardziej kojarzą się z zawartością talerza miłośnika super food i wegetariańskiego stylu życia. To niesamowite, jak rośliny pozytywnie wpływają na wygląd skóry, odmładzając ją, nawilżając i przywracając właściwą elastyczność. 


Barley grass is one of the ingredients described as ‘super foods’. The nourishing 40+ cream was formulated with an extract of young barley taken two weeks after germination. It is exceptionally rich in nourishing ingredients and chlorophyll, which act directly on the skin to intensively moisturise, nourish, and regenerate.


After years of oblivion, kale has made a spectacular comeback. Although it is an unpretentious, dark green plant, which tastes much like any cabbage, it is valued as a rich source of A, E, and C vitamins, i.e. the vitamins of youth. Not all appreciate its flavour, but everyone can use it on the skin in the form of the nourishing 40+ cream. As an ingredient of this cream, kale produces a moisturising and nourishing effect, supports the skin’s barrier functions, and protects it against free radicals. It is a loyal ally of health, good skin condition, youth, and vitality.


Olive oil powerfully regenerates and moisturises the skin at the same time strengthening and rebuilding its natural protective barrier. It is very well absorbed and leaves no unpleasant, greasy film on the skin. 40+ skin is often dry and sensitive, but even those whose skin is prone to excessive oil production shouldn’t fear oils in creams, as they smooth the skin and eliminate unnatural shine.


a blend of vitamin E with lifting oligosaccharides, which produces an instant and long-term lifting effect. It also improves skin elasticity, stimulates collagen synthesis, and has antioxidant properties.
The combination of these ingredients guarantees pleasant use and flawless smoothness for mature skin.

Green barley & kale 40+ – customer reviews

Perfecta Day & night cream 40+ Green barley & kale is appreciated by consumers both for its content and enjoyable use. It has a pleasant fragrance, is quickly absorbed, and makes for a perfect make-up base. It should be applied every morning and evening to face, neck, and décolletage. Already after short use, the skin becomes appealingly smooth, elastic, more resilient to adverse environmental factors. The cream also proves itself when used with other Perfecta cosmetics, as part of a comprehensive skin care regime.

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