Tropical Mango Body Butter

Moisturising body butter

This concentrated body butter has the exotic scent of tropical mango which seduces and relaxes, permitting you to fully enjoy the happy mood. Macadamia oil superbly nourishes, softens, and moisturises the skin, The formula contains sweet almond oil, rich in vitamins E, C, and F which alleviate irritations, soften, nourish, and regenerate the skin.

225 ml
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Perfecta Spa is a line of body care cosmetics based on three pillars: enticing fragrances, effective active ingredients, and unique, pleasant to use consistencies. The line consists of seven body scrub & body butter duets, which change everyday body care into an exquisite ceremony.

You can choose from different appetising, relaxing scents – newly arrived: Lime & Lemongrass, Tropical Mango, and Pear Sorbet, and already well known: Piña Colada, Crème Brûlée, Melba Ice-cream, and Chocolate Truffles.

The formulas of these cosmetics were enriched with precious oils, including argan, coconut, and Monoi de Tahiti, which have an exceptionally beneficial influence on the well-being of the skin. The sugar body scrubs contain natural sugar crystals, ideal for removing dead epidermal cells and lending silky smoothness to the skin. Fluffy butters of velvety consistency spread easily, marvellously moisturising and nurturing the skin.