Botanical Synergy

Oil Shower Gel

Regeneration, moisturising

The gel owes its regenerative properties to argan oil. It lathers very well and leaves a pleasant, non-irritating fragrance on the skin. The skin is clean and moisturised. A blend of rose, eucalyptus and glycerine provides key conditioning ingredients to the skin, leaving it smooth and silky soft to the touch.



400 ml
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Botanical Synergy

Perfecta Botanical Synergy is a unique line of body wash and body care cosmetics based on the synergetic action of botanical active ingredients.


Natural extracts of rose, cotton, green tea, mango, goji berries, and eucalyptus deeply nurture all types of skin and keep it in excellent condition for many days. The formula of each product has been carefully tested and prepared to satisfy the needs of its future users.


Olejkowy balsam do ciała Perfecta Botanical Synergy