Exfoliating Scrub + Compress Mask for feet

Renewal & smoothing, softening & moisturising

The scrub contains powdered pumice, which removes callused epidermis and smooths the skin.
Liquid paraffin and cottonseed oil regenerate and rebuild the skin’s lipid barrier, restoring comfort, while allantoin soothes and speeds up the repair of cracked epidermis.
The skin becomes smooth and regenerated.

2x6 ml
Skin type
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Perfecta Exfoliants & Masks is a line of state-of-the-art face care products based on original, innovative formulas which nurture and condition the skin. Glicerine-oil exfoliants and clay exfoliant masks were created to satisfy different skin needs to make sure that every woman can find the cosmetic that suits her perfectly. Cosmetics from this line clearly improve the condition of the epidermis, which becomes smooth, cleansed of impurities, and free of imperfections. They unblock and visibly shrink pores.