Hand & foot creams

5900525070180 Perfecta Kwasowy krem do stóp 5 x KWASY AHA

Perfecta Acid foot cream 5x AHA ACIDS

Superbly exfoliates and softens, 5 x AHA ACIDS

Foot cream with a complex of AHA acids, recommended for skin on feet suffering from callused and overdry epidermis. The cream helps to reduce calluses, regulates natural renewal processes in the epidermis, softens, smooths, and supples the skin.


exfoliate dead epidermis, smooth the surface of the skin, and improve levels of moisture.


wonderfully softens and lubricates, effectively conditions the skin and nails.



marvellously moisturises the skin, protects against excessive transepidermal water loss.

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Hand & foot creams

Perfecta Body is a comprehensive line of innovative, complementary products for hands and feet. Perfecta Body cosmetics are replete with active ingredients, including 4D hyaluronic threads, matrikines, ferulic acid, C-hyaluron, spherical lipolift, argan-jojoba oil, soya bioceramides, shea butter, hyaluron-A, olive oil, d-panthenol, 10 and 20% urea. Their advanced formulas, varying in content and modes of application, fully answer the needs of even the most demanding skin on hands or feet. Perfecta Body offers a wide range of cosmetics, each of them distinguished by the sensorial experience it provides, the sensation it leaves, its consistency, and the time it remains on the skin to guarantee that every consumer will be able to make a choice which will satisfy his or her personal preferences.