All Day Under Mask Cover

5900525069962 Perfecta All Day Under Mask Cover fluid długotrwale kryjący LIGHT BEIGE

Perfecta All Day Under Mask Cover Long-lasting coverage fluid LIGHT BEIGE

Microbiome Care, Super-Stay, Anti-Pollution

An innovative, ultralight fluid of increased durability. It has a unique ‘super long lasting’ formula which makes it resistant to rubbing off, even when worn under a protective mask.


Owing to carefully selected pigments, it blends with the skin tone, covers imperfections, and guarantees velvety smoothness. Formulated with microbiome care, the fluid supports the protective function of the skin. It also contains hyaluron and vitamin E which moisturise and condition.


The fluid guarantees flawless appearance throughout the day.

30 ml
Skin type

All Day Under Mask Cover