B3 Forte

Perfecta B3 Forte FIRMING DAY & NIGHT CREAM 40+


Nourishing cream with 5% vitamin B3 (i.e. niacinamide). The cream has an exceptional, light consistency which provides an instant sensation of freshness and comfort to the skin. It was developed expressly for skin which needs firming, smoothing of wrinkles, improvement in moisture levels, and nourishment. It leaves the skin soft and velvety smooth to the touch. Perfect as a make-up base. Recommended for all-year round skin care.



thanks to the comprehensive effect it has on the skin, it is called a fantastic vitamin. Niacinamide minimises the appearance of fine expression lines and reduces marked wrinkles, prevents transepidermal water loss, significantly improving levels of moisture in the skin, gently lightens discolourations, and evens out the skin tone. It also supports the healthy microbiome of the skin. As a result, the skin regains a natural, healthy appearance.



slows down ageing processes in the skin, had an antioxidant effect – blocks the harmful activity of free radicals, regenerates, and energises the skin.



nourishes, soothes, and softens the skin at the same time rebuilding the natural protective barrier of the epidermis.

50 ml
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B3 Forte

An innovative line of rejuvenating cosmetics developed by Perfecta R&D laboratories, which makes use of the wide range of properties of vitamin B3, i.e. niacinamide. This extraordinary vitamin is distinguished by the all-encompassing, beneficial effects it has on the skin, rejuvenating and improving its appearance. It reduces visible wrinkles and expression lines, improves levels of moisture in the skin and protects it against loss of water. It minimises discolourations and redness and regulates sebum secretion. Vitamin B3 also helps maintain the healthy microbiome of the skin, thus supporting its protective functions. Owing to its comprehensive effects, it can replace a complex of several ingredients. That is why each Perfecta B3 Forte cosmetic contains an exceptionally high concentration of niacinamide.