Bio Retinol

5900525069641 Perfecta Bio Retinol Bakuchiol Kojący płyn micelarny

Perfecta Bio Retinol Bakuchiol Soothing micellar water

Removes make-up, cleanses, moisturises

The micellar water effectively and gently removes make-up, cleanses the skin of dirt, moisturises, and refreshes at the same time supporting the skin’s protective barrier.



the seed extract of an Ayurvedic plant named Babchi, called botanical retinol, markedly improves the appearance of the skin, evens out its surface, smooths, and leaves it velvety to the touch. While having all the rejuvenating power of retinol, Bakuchiol remains exceptionally gentle on the skin. It does not irritate or cause photoallergies.



intensively moisturise, soothe, and mitigate irritated, overdry skin.



intelligent particles which act like magnets, superbly binding dirt and impurities, and gently cleanse the skin without the need to rub hard.

400 ml
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Bio Retinol

An innovative line of anti-wrinkle cosmetics made with 98% maturally derived ingredients and based on one of the

newest breakthroughs in cosmetology – BOTANICAL RETINOL.

Bio Retinol cosmetics fight signs of ageing in the skin and restore its youthful, radiant appearance. Owing to the
content of naturally derived bioactive ingredients, they boast an amazing rejuvenating power while remaining gentle
on the skin. Day by day, expression lines and wrinkles become less apparent and the skin regains optimum levels

of moisture, becoming smooth and radiant.