Fenomen C TH

Matujący podkład kryjący Perfecta Fenomen C Natural

Mattifying, High Coverage Foundation 2in1 natural

Camouflage effect

The foundation marvellously mattifies and covers all imperfections – the camouflage effect, leaving the skin feeling light and avoiding a caked-on appearance. Advanced, intelligent ‘soft focus’ pigments blend with the natural tone of the skin, adding freshness to the complexion.
Formulated with the CTH complex – a unique combination of three concentrated forms of vitamin C and of its transporters, which has antioxidant properties, brightens and energises the skin.

Skin type
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Fenomen C TH

Perfecta Fenomen CTH is a line of unique cosmetics developed basing on the CTH COMPLEX – a blend of three concentrated forms of vitamin C: lipophilic, liposomal, and hydrophilic C5300, combined with SVCT-1 transporters which promote the transport of vitamin C directly into skin cells. The complex brightens and energises the skin, has antioxidant and antiageing properties, improves skin firmness and elasticity, and shallows wrinkles.


The formulas are complemented by: vitamin C5300 obtained from the world’s richest source of natural vitamin C – the Australian Kakadu plum which is 100 times richer in vitamin C than an orange; high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, which wonderfully binds water to maintain optimum levels of moisture; a stable form of retinol suspended in a molecular film, which has anti-wrinkle and suppling properties; phytohormones, which boost the amount of collagen in the skin and improve its microstructure for a marked smoothing effect; and biomimetic ceramides – a component of the intercellular cementing substance which regulates levels of moisture and oil in the skin, at the same time supporting its protective and barrier properties. Perfecta Fenomen CTH comprises cosmetics for the face, neck, and décolletage – all boasting outstanding, innovative consistencies: light and refreshing ‘cream to water’ or velvety and rich ‘cream to oil’.

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