Perfecta Me & My Pure Beauty Conditioning liquid soap MANGO

Exotic fragrance. Vegan formula.

Perfecta Me & My liquid soap combines effective cleansing with an overall conditioning effect. Its formula was optimised to guarantee the skin on your hands is cleansed, moisturised, and refreshed. Enjoy the attractive, exotic fragrance which envelops your hands. Vegan formula.



a prebiotic obtained from chicory root which supports the skin’s natural, correct microbiome, strengthening the skin and improving its protective functions.



guarantees adequate levels of moisture in the skin and protects against excessive water loss.



called ‘the king of Asian fruit’, is exceptionally rich in vitamins and famous for its nourishing properties.

400 ml
Skin type
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Perfecta Me&My is a modern cosmetic line which brings you skin care on your own terms. Me&My perfectly matches the profile of your skin, combining minimalism and effectiveness with a possibility to choose skin care which exactly meets your needs. Its formulas were based on carefully chosen, natural active ingredients, enclosed in pleasant consistencies and fragrances. Me&My will captivate you with its prompt effects which last long after application, leaving your skin beautiful, healthy, and full of radiance.