Natural Lift

Perfecta Natural Lift Day & night cream 55+

Powerful wrinkle reduction, rebuilding

A velvety cream of an exceptional ‘cream to oil’ consistency, which harnesses the rejuvenating power of phytohormones. It provides an instant sensation of moisturising and skin lift. Recommended for skin in need of improvement in tension and wrinkle reduction. It is perfect as a make-up base which increases make-up durability.


plant phytosterols obtained from banana flowers naturally compensate for the influence hormonal ageing has on the skin and eliminate the effects of passing time. They markedly improve the microstructure of the skin, reduce wrinkles, and boost elasticity and tension.


prevent skin laxity, have regenerating properties, and improve the skin tone. They also counteract the harmful activity of free radicals.


a complex of sea algae provides the skin with active ingredients, including amino acids, mineral salts, and proteins. It guarantees excellent revitalisation and restores optimum levels of moisture to the skin.

50 ml
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Natural Lift

Perfecta Natural Lift is a ground-breaking line of anti-wrinkle cosmetics which achieves its outstanding efficacy by combining nature with advanced science. To obtain this synergy, scientists search for and discover ingredients from the plant world which mimic natural processes in the human body, including the skin. The formulas of the creams are based on the rejuvenating properties of phytohormones, which can affect the skin in similar ways as female oestrogens. They boost skin firmness and elasticity and even out its tone. Day by day, the skin regains a youthful appearance and its oval becomes better tensed and modelled – the V-lift effect.