Organic Nature


Perfecta Organic Nature – Serum – anti-wrinkle day & night treatment

A concentrated anti-wrinkle water serum created with your mature skin in mind. It is an effective and natural rejuvenating therapy which guarantees a smoothing effect and optimum skin tension. Its formula, based on organic Ashwagandha, was devised to ensure that the active ingredients it contains delay skin ageing, speed up its regeneration, and protect it against the negative effects of environmental stress. You skin gains a youthful appearance, optimum levels of moisture, elasticity, and natural radiance and glow.





obtained from certified plantations, minimises the negative effect of environmental stress on the skin, adds vitality and radiance to the complexion, and revives its tone.



obtained in a process of fermentation, brightens, improves skin tone, smooths, and conditions.



reduces the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles, gently tenses the skin.



lends smoothness, supports the skin’s protective functions.

30 ml
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Organic Nature

Perfecta Organic Nature is a natural cosmetic line which places particular stress on the methods raw materials used its formulas are obtained. Organic Nature formulas are based on carefully chosen organic active ingredients, such as Ashwagandha or hemp oil. They are distinguished by their outstanding efficacy and prompt effects, which last for a long time after application. We encased them for you in pleasant consistencies and fragrances to make your skin charm with youth and natural radiance. Perfecta Planet Essence is our commitment to quality and responsibility. For you, for our Planet, and for future generations.