Perfecta Pharmacy Antibacterial hand gel ACTIV

Removes up to 99,9% of dirt, contains 70% alcohol

Sanitising hand gel which kills viruses, bacteria, and fungi.


have moisturising and soothing properties. They condition the skin on hands and protect it against overdrying.

150 ml
Skin type
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EFFECTIVE ANTIBACTERIAL PROTECTION Perfecta Pharmacy is a specialist line of conditioning cosmetics for hands and the entire body, formulated with an ANTIBACTERIAL agent.

Their rich formulas take special care of the skin – moisturising and soothing irritations. Liquid soaps and shower gels were formulated with MICROBIOME CARE, a blend of probiotics and prebiotics which support the skin’s natural bacterial microflora. Hand creams contain a wealth of conditioning and antibacterial ingredients, including ZINC which has a remarkable ability to protect against bacteria. All products in the line are intended for daily use.