I Love Bronze

Illuminating Bronzing Mist

bronzes, illuminates, moisturises, smooths

A wonderfully illuminating bronzing mist, which gradually and gently lends a sun-kissed tone to the skin. The product marvellously accentuates the already existing tan, acquired while sunbathing or in a sunbed. The golden dust very subtly illuminates the skin, highlighting its best features. The quickly absorbed and easy-to-spread formula provides a deep and lasting moisturising effect without an unpleasant, greasy film. The mist leaves a pleasant fragrance on the skin.


deeply nourishes, regenerates, and softens the skin. It also has moisturising and smoothing properties.


regulates water balance in skin cells by attracting and binding water molecules, reduces transepidermal water loss, supports the skin’s protective barrier, and provides a prompt, yet lasting moisturising effect.


subtly illuminates the skin and beautifully accentuates its tone.


a plant bronzing agent which induces the gradual appearance of a darker skin tone.

200 ml
Skin type
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I Love Bronze

Oil bronzing balms from Perfecta Bronze will gradually and gently lend a healthy, sun-kissed tone to the skin.


They effectively moisturise and regenerate the skin, at the same time helping to firm, model, and slim to achieve the outcome of a perfect-looking body. Our light, quickly absorbed oil balms do not leave streaks or a greasy feeling on the skin. The tropical, aromatic fragrance of Brazilian passiflora wonderfully relaxes the senses and leaves a pleasant, refreshing scent on the skin. Perfecta Bronze products were designed basing on innovatory formulas with a 4in1 effect: BRONZING – MOISTURISING – NOURISHMENT – MODELLING