Femina Med

Specialist Intimate Hygiene Emulsion

Mitigating in recurring infections of urinary tracts, protects and refreshes

Lactoferrin, microbiome, hyaluronic and lactic acid, cranberry




strengthens the immunity of the intimate area, reducing the risk of recurring infections.


a combination of probiotics and prebiotics which support the correct bacterial microflora to reduce the risk of infection.


help maintain the physiological pH of the intimate area, strengthening the skin’s protective barrier, intensively moisturise, soothe, and calm.


guarantees long-term freshness and supports the protection of the urinary tract.


The emulsion gently cleanses the intimate area, refreshes, and envelops in a delicate fragrance. When used daily by persons prone to urinary tract infections, it alleviates them and helps prevent their recurrence. It also mitigates the unpleasant sensation of itching and burning which accompanies infections, and reduces discomfort of the intimate area.



Skin type

Femina Med

The highly specialised products from Perfecta Femina, dedicated to the hygiene of the intimate area, are recommended in case of immune deficiency and skin hypersensitivity, impaired hormonal balance and sensation of dryness, discharge problems, and for daily refreshment. They were put forward by best pharmacist who devised a unique formula, a blend of PROBIOTICS (L. casei and L. acidophilus strains) and PREBIOTICS with lactic acid and undecylenate, which helps restore and maintain the physiological pH of the intimate area to strengthen and rebuild its natural protective barrier, prevents pathogen growth, and reduces the risk of infections caused by microorganisms (bacteria and fungi). When used consistently, the preparations gradually colonise the intimate area with probiotic bacteria which counteract the development of unwanted microorganisms.


Femina Med preparations successfully replace other washing agents and provide long-term freshness and protection. They do not contain soap, colourants, parabens, SLS, or PEG. This innovative line comprises three preparations: Perfecta Femina: probiotic intimate hygiene preparation SOS – strengthens immunity, recommended during menstruation and antibiotic therapy; Perfecta Femina: probiotic intimate hygiene preparation BALANCE – eliminates dryness and irritation, recommended during hormonal therapy, contraception, and menopause; and Perfecta Femina: probiotic intimate hygiene preparation FRESH – refreshes, recommended for daily use, particularly after physical exertion and in case of vaginal discharge problems.