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Alicja Falender, Head of the Dax Cosmetics R&D Laboratory: The new PERFECTA FENOMEN CTH line is based on the unique CTH Complex, which is a blend of three concentrated forms of vitamin C: lipophilic, liposomal, and hydrophilic C5300, combined with SVCT-1 transporters which promote the transport of vitamin C directly into skin cells.

It is the newest discovery in cosmetology, and a key factor which determines the optimal assimilation of vitamin C in the skin and its effective performance. All forms of vitamin C are distinguished by their high stability, safety, and proven efficacy. The technology of hypermigration, employed in all cosmetics of the line, permits active ingredients to effectively penetrate deeper layers of the skin. PERFECTA FENOMEN CTH cosmetics have an anti-wrinkle, moisturising, energising, and brightening effect, they improve the skin tone and overall appearance of the skin. Creams for 30+ and 40+ skin boast a 'cream to water' formula which, upon contact with the skin, changes into a water emulsion, producing a refreshing and powerfully moisturising effect. Products dedicated to more mature, 50+ and 60+, skin have a 'cream to oil' texture which leaves a nourishing, protective layer on the skin. All creams in the line contain an advanced, innovative system of sunray filters enclosed in special capsules, which makes them very safe for the user and guarantees protection against the entire spectrum of UV radiation.

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