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Light, multilayer skin care inspired by Asian rituals is a trend which refuses to go away. Once you adopt the Asian approach to skin care, you can actually observe positive changes in your complexion, watch it become more radiant and fresh, the skin looking markedly younger. All you need to do is slightly alter your daily routine.

Asian women have beautiful skin, and they do not owe it solely to their genes. While Europeans speak about the skin mainly in the context of problems, wrinkles, and concealing imperfections, Asian women believe that it is better to care for it in a way which permits to avoid these issues. This is why already very young girls are introduced to skin care rituals. Taking care of their skin is both part of their philosophy of life and a pleasure. ‘Western cultures tend to think skin care is about as much fun as flossing your teeth: just another end-of-the-day chore to rush through before bed. But in Asia, taking care of your skin is something to be enjoyed. It isn’t just vanity, but an investment in your well-being’, says Charlotte Cho in The Little Book of Skin Care: Korean Beauty Secrets for Healthy, Glowing Skin.

10 minutes only for yourself

It might seem that rituals from the Far East take up a lot of time, but that is not true. 10 minutes in the morning and in the evening are enough to perform the basic skin care routine. The key to success is consistency: regular cleansing, exfoliating, moisturising, and protecting your skin against sunrays. These rules are nothing new, but the secret hides in the order of the steps you take and the cosmetics you use. What you put on your face matters, but how you do it is even more important. The first rule is to start with products which have the lightest consistencies and end with the heaviest ones. So, first comes the lotion, then essence and/or serum, the cream at the end. The way in which you apply these products is also crucial. Essence should be gently patted in, the same goes for under-eye cream, applying a face cream in the evening should be combined with massaging and tapping the face. It is also useful to follow the ten-second rule. It says that you should put on a moisturising cosmetic as soon as you get out of the shower. This locks moisture inside the epidermis, preventing dehydration.

But let us start from the beginning: Cleansing is the foundation of antiageing skin care. Asian women believe that proper cleansing counteracts ageing processes in the skin. According to the original art of skin care form the Far East, proper cleansing should be carried out in two phases. First, you use an oil-based product which dissolves make-up and dirt. Spread a cleansing emulsion or milk on your skin, then gently remove it with a cotton pad. It is a good idea to follow with a cleansing product which is rinsed off with water. This process will leave the skin spotlessly clean, permitting the cosmetics which come next to act even more effectively. Once or twice a week, complement the cleansing process with exfoliation.

Moisturising is the secret of a glowing complexion

Korean women like their skin to be so thoroughly moisturised that it almost seems damp. Effective hydration helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines. Properly moisturised skin is firmer and plumper. To achieve this effect, apply an essence or primer lotion. It is worth following it with a serum matched to the needs of your skin. The cream comes at the very end – a lighter one if you have oily or combination skin, a more nourishing one if your skin is dry. In the morning, it is mandatory to finish the routine off with a sunscreen. Several times a week, in the evening, you can apply a mask before you put on your essence. The skin is much better moisturised when you apply cosmetics layer upon layer than if you use only one, even intensively moisturising, cream.

The Polish approach to Asian skin care

Perfecta has created AZJAtica: a new cosmetic line based on the best ingredients of Asian provenience. The consistencies of these products are so light that you can apply them layer upon layer, creating your own ritual of youth, regardless of age. AZJAtica rice milk lotion can be used in two ways: to cleanse your face using a cotton pad, or as a face wash which is rinsed off with water. The ingredients it contains stimulate collagen production and improve microcirculation, so even this preliminary cleansing stage helps improve the appearance of your skin. Hydration is at the heart of Asian skin care, so Perfecta created a range of moisturising products. Our primer lotion of ultralight consistency provides an instant sensation of moisturised and refreshed skin. The essence, besides moisturising, smooths the skin and fills in wrinkles. The formulas of both cosmetics contain ingredients which are highly valued in Asia. Extract of yuzu fruit strengthens the skin’s protective barrier, rebuilds, and evens out any unevenness on the surface of the epidermis. Matcha has strong antioxidant properties. The line also comprises a serum which moisturises, detoxifies, and reduces wrinkles. It contains extracts of Centella asiatica, red algae, and ginseng. You can choose your cream according to your age and the particular needs of your skin. The light day & night cream, apart from beneficial plant extracts, contains high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid and an antipollution complex, which creates a fine film on the skin, protecting it against pollution and smog. The day & night cream for 45+ skin was enriched in bioferments obtained in the process of yeast fermentation, complemented by a complex of five minerals. It has the effect of an energy bomb and strengthens the skin’s protective barrier. The day & night cream 55+ was created to guarantee a more powerful lifting effect. It contains, very popular in Asia, rice peptides which have rejuvenating properties, and spirulina – a blue-green alga rich in proteins, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals your skin needs to retain youthful looks. Another exceptional preparation is the day & night cream for 65+ skin of a ‘cream to oil’ consistency, which restores comfort and nourishment to very dry skin. Owing to the presence of ginseng and algae, it powerfully regenerates and supports renewal of skin cells. The line is complemented by under-eye and eyelid creams. Once you choose Perfecta AZJAtica skin care, you’ll see your skin improve on a daily basis.

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